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Shipping Australia Limited (SAL) is an industry peak body that includes in its membership most of the Australian and international ship owners, operators and agents operating in the bulk, tanker, general cargo, container and passenger trades to and from Australia.


The major focus of SAL is to both promote and advance the interests of its members in all matters of shipping policy and safe and environmentally sustainable ship operations in Australia.

For many years SAL has been a consistent provider of training programs around Australia that are designed for people who have a need to understand more about how the industry works.

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Matthew Whittle
Shipping Australia Limited
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"Introduction to Shipping" is designed to introduce anyone working in either the shipping industry, or an organisation that has a connection with the movement of goods or people by sea, to all the major aspects of the Australian shipping industry.

Brimming with practical information, examples and interactive activities, this course provides a detailed look at the role and functions of the shipping industry and the responsibilities of organisations, companies and agencies that support it.

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Upon successfully completing the course you will be able to print out your statement of attainment.

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About this course

"Introduction to Shipping" aims to build an understanding of the shipping industry by explaining the role and functions of shipping in three key areas.

Subject 1 - Getting Started (this subject)
Subject 2 - Trade, Ships and Cargoes
Subject 3 - Transporting Different Cargoes and Port Operations
Subject 4 - Industry Structure and the Shipment Cycle

Each subject is comprised of a number of short modules that form the knowledge areas.

Trade, Ships and Cargoes
Module 1.  International Trade
Module 2.  Ship Types for Seaborne Trade

Transporting Different Cargoes and Port Operations
Module 1.  Cargo in Containers
Module 2.  Bulk and Break Bulk Cargoes
Module 3.  Cargo Handling at Australian Ports

Industry Structure and the Shipment Cycle
Module 1.  Structure of the Shipping Industry in Australia
Module 2.  The Shipment Cycle - Liner Trade
Module 3.  The Shipment Cycle - Cargo in a Chartered Ship

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